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I am Yo Homeboi Julius C, a latin hip hop artist, song writer, audio engineer, & music producer. Looking to dive into making more and more music for everyone. Timing has been some challenges due to having to work a lot. I have a daughter and my days off are spent with her. I work full time and I cut my sleep at night to work on my music and the music of others. If I can cut down on how much work I need to do in a job, I can create more music for listeners to enjoy. I've invested a lot in my learning and in my equipment. I am also currently investing in learning photography to do my own album/EP covers. Every dollar and minute I invest on learning revolves around music and I want to deliver the absolute best to you. I hope I can continue to make more and more music at a faster rate, with your help, I aim to make that happen. If it becomes a possibility to not have to work on any other job other than my crafts that revolve around music, I'll create gear for fans to consistently win as a gratitude for their support. Thank you once again.

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Yo Homeboi Julius C
Boston, Massachusetts
Yo Homeboi Julius C is a latin hip hop artist with a Chicago & International Hip Hop style.

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